Special Services

The Quitman County School District (QSCD) provides a free appropriate public education, including special education and related services to students with disabilities who, due to the disability, demonstrate an educational need for such services. To be eligible, a student must have been determined to have one or more of the disability conditions under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

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1362 Martin Luther King Drive
Marks, MS 38646
Phone: 662-326-5451
Fax: 662-326-3694

Phone: 662-326-7131
Fax: 662-326-7428

Josephine Jackson
Josephine JacksonDirector
Stephanie ShegogData Clerk
Joann Mamon

Food Services

The Quitman County School Food Service recognizes that children’s nutritional needs must be met to produce healthy learners.
The District strives to offer our students quality nutrition and a variety of choices to appease the individual tastes of our students.
From fresh baked breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, to the freshest ingredients, you would think you are in your momma’s kitchen. This is what you will experience in any of our three cafeterias.

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P. O. Drawer E
Marks, MS  38646
Main Office:  (662) 326-2716
Fax:  (662) 326-5423


High School Manager:  Deleatha Glasper   662-326-8963
Middle School Manager:  Mae Clark   662-326-3157
Elementary School Manager:  Eric Weeks   662-326-3909

French MillerFood Service Supervisor
Pam EasterlingFood Service Director
Stacy WileySecretary

Federal Programs

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191 Ash Street
Marks, MS 38646

Phone: 662-326-8178
Phone: 662-326-8179
Fax: 662-326-8177

Timothy StricklandTechnology

Title I Department

Title I – Basic
Purpose: To provide local educational agencies (LEAs) with extra resources to help improve instruction in high-poverty schools and to ensure that poor and minority children have the same opportunity as other children to meet challenging State academic standards.

Dwight BarfieldAsset Manager
Angler WashingtonSecretary
Reginald GriffinFederal Programs Director
Tim StricklandComputer Technician

Central Office Directory

Dwight BarfieldProperty Officer
William EckfordDistrict Maintenance
Miron ThompsonBusiness Manager

Instruction Management

Dr. Linder HowzeDirector of Curriculum and Instruction
Shaun RuckerInstructional Management Secretary

Transportation Department

1030 Hwy 6 W
Marks, MS 38646
(662) 326-8906

Brenda HopsonTransportation Director
Marvin ThigpenMechanic
William AndersonMechanic
James CooperMechanic

Superintendent’s Department

Office of the Superintendent
1362 Martin Luther King Drive
Marks, MS 38646
Phone: 662-326-5451
Fax: 662-326-3694

Brenda HopsonSuperintendent
Sharon FarmerPayroll/Insurance
Miron ThompsonBusiness Manger
Marilyn AutmanAdministrativev Assistant/Accounts Payable
Cavotta Ingram PryorPublic Relations Coordinator Vista

Maintenance Department

William EckfordMaintenance